MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin was extremely proud to be voted the 3rd most helpful MP out of 650. Along with his team in both Swindon and Westminster, Justin makes it an absolute priority to respond to residents’ concerns and try to solve any issues they may have. Over the years he has helped to solve a variety of different problems. These are just a few of the responses from the people he has helped and worked with:


"Justin’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for Swindon has helped him build support right across the political spectrum.  With the General Election looming I hope you will join me and so many others in making sure Justin remains our strong voice in Parliament, championing Swindon"

Nigel Pursall – Swindon Business Wise

"We are enormously grateful to Justin for his unstinting support of the Computer Museum over many years, especially with fund raising.  There can be few people who know their local area as well as Justin does. We are lucky to have him.  He takes a very personal interest in everything that is going on in the area. He REALLY cares about Swindon and knows a huge amount about what is happening in the town"

Jeremy Holt – Chairman, Swindon Computer Museum

"MPs need to address the local issues, championing local industry on a national platform.  Irrespective of your political persuasion, Justin certainly is the person to do that.  He’s approachable, understanding and productive. And most importantly, is a truly caring ‘local’"

Dom Threlfall – Owner, Pebley Beach 

"As Chair of inSwindon since its inception through to 2014 I would like to endorse Justin Tomlinson's support of our local economy.  He was always receptive to requests for advice and regularly attended meetings.  Essentially, he is a local ambassador who worked with the BID to promote regeneration and job opportunities in our Town"

Paul Booth – InSwindon, Swindon Town Centre Management

"Justin has been instrumental in helping promote Swindon Supermarine Football Club in to being a successful community club which has enabled us to be of great assistance to local charities such as the Wiltshire air Ambulance & The Samaritans. Without his continued hard work this would have been an impossible task"

Jez Webb – Chairman, Swindon Supermarine FC

"Justin is a valued advocate of SMASH Youth Project, and I am grateful that he has spent time with young people, mentoring and inspiring them to overcome their challenges and succeed"

Craig Waldron, Vet & SMASH Youth Project Volunteer

"Your presence during our event made it very special, there was a common feeling that people got the opportunity to meet a very friendly, charismatic and humble person"

Rahul Tahur – Swindon Indian Association

"Time and time again Justin has been a vital friend to our charity.  Helping with fundraising and taking the time to meet and support our members.  I am proud of the work he does locally"

Helen Taverner – Swindon Stroke Support Group

"Justin led the successful campaign to save our stadium.  I have always found him approachable and helpful in supporting and promoting our sport both locally and in Parliament. It is a pleasure to work with him"

Alun Rossitor – Swindon Speedway

"As a local resident, Justin has been a strong advocate for our Borough with Government, businesses and other organisations. He has worked tirelessly and positively with Swindon Council to help secure and deliver benefits for the Town's residents. Justin is always clear on where he stands on an issue which makes working with him much more productive for councillors and officers"

Cllr David Renard – Leader, Swindon Borough Council


"Justin’s hands on experience of running his own business sets him apart in promoting opportunities for local businesses, something which is vital when it comes to creating the next generation of jobs. He appreciates the hard work that goes into running a business and is always championing local businesses"

James Phipps – Excalibur

"Justin has shown a real enthusiasm for promoting and recognising our local historical heritage. He assisted us in ensuring that members of the Auxiliary unit, who played a vital part in the Second World War, received official recognition by the Government for the valuable commitment they made to the British resistance"

Tom Sykes – Coleshill Auxillary Research Team

"I am supporting Justin because of his enthusiasm to engage with young people of all ages in every single school and college across Swindon. He has shown a real passion for democracy by encouraging young people to understand the political process and communicate with him on various issues"

Alex Williams – Student

"Politics and politicians have never impressed me until I met Justin.  He always found the time to sit with me and help me to put on the Gig to Remember to raise money for charity. His advice and support for the event was absolutely invaluable"

Amanda Franks – Gig To Remember, Alzheimer’s UK

"It has been a pleasure to work with Justin to help support our industry. He has supported the scraping of the Beer Duty escalator and helped to secure the cuts to Beer Duty – both vital for our well-loved network of local pubs"

James Arkell – Arkells Brewery

"Justin is a genuine fan of STFC, and is a person who is passionate about sport and someone, who for so long as he has influence, will give his last ounce of his energy to ensuring that Swindon, and sport in Swindon, is given every chance of success" 

Nick Watkins – Swindon Town FC, Chief Executive 2008-13

"Justin has supported the café from the beginning – not just as an MP but as a loyal customer also. He recently opened the extension to our café giving a speech that was warm, personal and much appreciated by all of our customers"

Phyllida Richards – The Olive Tree Café

"It’s refreshing having someone with a sporting background, passionately promoting the importance of young people benefitting from being active and healthy"

Mark Draycott – PE Teacher & Draycott Sports Camp

"We would like to thank Justin for all his support and encouragement.  It means a lot to have our local MP promoting small businesses and shopping in the high street"

Sue Belcher – Owner, Bloomfields Deli - Highworth



  • I am amazed by your speedy response!! I really commend you for wanting to keep your constituents in the loop. 
    Michael, Abbey Meads

  • I thank you whole heartedly for the extensive response and reaction you had to my earlier correspondence. Having watched you in Commons at times and following some of your work in Swindon I am now assured and proud to have you representing me in Parliament.
    Sean, Stratton

  • I received your Annual Report the other day and felt I had to write to say how impressed I am with what you have achieved so far and the wide variety of projects and topics you are involved with. Your low expense claims are particularly commendable, I hope other MPs are taking a leaf out of your book! Keep up the good work. 
    Kay, South Marston

  • I can't thank you enough for the emails, letters and phone calls that you have made. 
    Sarah, Redhouse

  • 'People, people, people'.  This is exactly what your Spring Update feel like.  Definitely the most engaging political flyers we have ever had through our door.  Well done. 
    Hannah, South Marston

  • Easy to forget your MP, however you have lived up to everything you say you are and truly represent Swindon. You have helped some friends of mine too so thank you. 
    Martyn, Oakhurst

  • It has given me so much pleasure to read and to know that we have an MP in yourself that is not in the role for selfish gain. You are doing the things I would do if I was doing your job - brilliant! 
    Peter, Nythe

  • Your savings of £50kpa on your personal expenses is a fine example for all MP's and trust that David Cameron is on your circulation list. Your list of your efforts and support not only in your constituency but your membership of parliamentary committees is also commendable.
    Peter, Groundwell West

  • I am really impressed with your level of support for the local community and understanding.
    Alison, Ash Brake

  • I do appreciate the support you have offered and your promptness in responding to correspondence/e-mails.  I have worked in a number of areas with MPs of different political persuasions and both Robert and yourself really are good at getting back to people.  It is traditional that MPs get the “brickbats” when people are unhappy – only fair they get the credit for their positive efforts.
    Pete, Upper Stratton

  • There is nothing I can say that will be able to show how much I appreciate your help. 
    Ian, Penhill

  • Thank you, best MP ever!
    Liz, Redhouse

  • Your email illustrates very clearly just how a hard-working and conscientious constituency MP can conduct his work without the necessity of incurring excessive taxpayer-funded expense. 
    William, Covingham

  • I get tired of thanking you…. 
    Steve, South Marston

  • Prompt and excellent action from you, 10 out of 10! 
    Christine, Ash Brake

  • I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much indeed for the assembly you recently took at Abbey Meads Community Primary School.  I feel compelled to email you and thank you for the insight you gave to the children on what it is like to be a member of parliament.  My eldest son has come home buzzing about the experience and has written up a short article about it for the school newspaper.  He’s used some fantastic notes taken by my god daughter during an interview with you who also got a huge amount of knowledge and experience from your visit.  I think it’s such a valuable thing to give children an early understanding into politics and healthy debate and to give them an idea about how decisions about how the future of our country are made. 
    Anna, Abbey Meads.

  • Many Many thanks for an EXCELLENT assembly today. whether in the genes or not you have a talent for talking with children and they all enjoyed your visit enormously. 
    Bob, Abbey Meads

  • I just wanted to quickly say thanks for how quickly you have tried to help. I was rather surprised that a) you responded so quickly and b) you did it personally rather than get an assistant. MPs often get a lot of stick from the public but I have been pleased with your response - thank you. 
    Anthony, Haydon End
  • Once again, thanks for your constructive comments. It is always a pleasure communicating with you. I appreciate your knowledge, honesty and openness on a variety of subjects, irrespective of whether we share the same or differing views.
    Andy, Rodbourne

  • Thank you for the call, really appreciated. Keep fighting the good fight chap. Your team and you seem really proactive!
    Jason, Haydon End

  • A huge thank you once again to Justin in your continued passion and support for the club. To say you are valued and treasured by all of us is an understatement, I wish the rest of you had been there to see Justin ‘in action’. Justin, in the unlikely and dreadful thought of you not getting re elected , you will always have a job here on today's show alone. Remarkable!
    Jez, South Marston
  • I honestly cannot describe the relief & emotion right now. Plenty of tears being shed at the moment.  I cannot express our thanks to you all enough,I really can't.
    Nick, Abbey Meads

  • I did want to say a very warm thank-you for all you did to make the grand opening of the café extension a memorable event.  Your off-the-cuff speech was perfect and very warm and personal and much appreciated by us all.
    Gillian, Rodbourne
  • My sincere thanks for you coming on Saturday evening.  I thought you sought to be really honest and particularly so on a personal basis.  I thought you were determined to do your best to answer the question.  I thought you were prepared to 'put yourself on the line', not always easy for those in public office.  I felt your honesty and willingness to engage led to a most rewarding conversation for all.
    Geoff, Highworth
  • I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming along to the Craft fair on Saturday. I know how busy you must have been but it was a huge deal to me that you came along.
    Tania, Swindon

  • Meanwhile there's no need to keep fingers crossed on you being MP next year you'll be fine I'm sure. You are hard working and passionate about local issues - you must get this from your mother - a wonderful women! 
    Olwen, Swindon
  • Your presence during our event made it very special.  I spoke to many – and there was a common feeling that - they got the opportunity to meet a very - friendly, charismatic and humble person.
    Rahul, Oakhurst

  • Would you please thank Justin for me, he was so approachable and understanding and it's really lifted my spirits.
    Shae, Upper Stratton

  • And that’s why you always get my vote! You care and are a ‘’doer’’. Thanks so much!
    Sue, South Marston
  • I do admire people who are proactive and appear human. I take my hat off to you.
    Graham, Redhouse
  • It was great to chat to you yesterday, I really admire your passion and dedication!  On a personal note, I have to say that you gave the best doorstep argument for a vote that I have ever heard.  You got me thinking about my vote in ways that I had not previously considered. A great job for your candidate and your party!
    Stuart, Stratton St Margaret
  • Thanks for coming on Thursday evening, Justin, and for taking a genuine interest in the participants and families – it’s great that you’re not the kind of MP who just shows up, does the photo call, and heads off!  In fact, you’re far too nice to be called a politician.
    David, Covingham

  • Thank you again for all that you do for our town and community.
    Trudie, Stratton St. Margaret


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