MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Meetings 2019

Here is a list of the formal events / meetings which I have attended in 2018 in my role as your MP. If you would like any information on any of these events / meetings please do not hesitate to contact me.

For a full list of my Parliamentary speeches, written questions and votes please see:

12/02/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Swindon Down's Syndrome Group Event
12/02/2019 – Dog's Trust Parliamentary Event
08/02/2019 – Visit to South Marston Big Lottery Fund Project
08/02/2019 – Meeting with the Home Secretary & Wiltshire Police
08/02/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Meeting with BT on Superfast Broadband
07/02/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Jambo Youth Group Meeting
05/02/2019 – Meeting with Ruskin Junior School Students in Parliament
05/02/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Parkinson's UK Coffee Morning
31/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Jambo Youth Group Meeting
25/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Brighter Futures Radiotherapy Unit Thank You Event
24/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Jambo Youth Group Meeting
24/01/2019 – Meeting with Chief Executive of IMH on North Swindon GP Hub
24/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] National Literacy Trust Event with HRH The Duchess of Cornwall
23/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] British Heart Foundation Meeting
23/01/2019 – Holocaust Memorial Trust Book of Commitment Parliamentary Event
19/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Alzheimer's Research UK Fundraising Event
18/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Meeting with Healthwatch Swindon
18/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Meeting with Swindon Carers
17/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Jambo Youth Group Meeting
16/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] North Swindon Scouts Event
16/01/2019 – Meeting with Swindon College Students in Parliament
10/01/2019 – Visit to Swindon Borough Council Temporary Winter Housing Provision
09/01/2019 – All Party Parliamentary Group on Football Parliamentary Event
08/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Parkinson's UK Coffee Morning
03/01/2019 – [OFFICE EVENT] Meeting with Business West

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