MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Swindon Advertiser Weekly Article


The first ‘term’ at Westminster has now been completed, so I have returned to Swindon for recess. David Cameron has quite rightly cut the length of the summer recess considerably, ending the excessive break that former MP’s joined. I certainly won’t be taking my foot off the pedal.

Recess is a time to concentrate on constituency events and meetings, for which I already have a packed diary. As a local resident myself, I enjoy being able to spend time meeting with residents, organisations and local business to make sure I am listening and understanding the issues that need to be raised.

As recess is here, I can now reflect on my first term...

I take my duties as the MP very seriously so I am pleased that I have a 100% voting record, including some very late night ones! I have also shown that when I vote, I will be independently minded.

I am delighted that with the South Swindon MP, Robert Buckland, I have been able to set up a joint office in both Westminster and Swindon, with shared staff so we can pool our experience to deliver the best possible service to our fellow local residents, whilst keeping costs down to a minimum. We have had very positive feedback on this joint approach.

Having delivered my maiden speech early on, I have been able to focus on various areas including:

Improving the quality of development, especially regarding open spaces, parking provision and tackling health issues
Supporting local businesses
Town centre regeneration, in particular providing provision for small shops to flourish
Sport playing a positive role both from health and community perspective, in particular within the Big Society plans.
Providing improved financial and entrepreneurial education within schools
Tackling the public deficit so we can get our local economy firmly back on track after the damage of the reckless Labour Government.

As part of my duties tackling issues raised by residents, or where I am seeking to lead on delivering changes to local and national policies I have sought to speak in debates, submit written questions and make sure my diary is packed with constructive meetings – all of my activity is listed on my website so residents can see how I am representing North Swindon.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having this opportunity to represent North Swindon.

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