MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Britain On The MEND, Child Obesity Event


A local Swindon boy joined Justin Tomlinson MP at a special VIP reception at the House of Commons in London yesterday (22 November 2010) in a bid to promote healthy lifestyles.

Ten-year-old Thomas Broomhall from Swindon, was invited to the exciting event to celebrate his success at becoming fitter, healthier and happier after attending local healthy lifestyle club, MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!).  He was one of 25 children and their parents who went to London to meet MPs and discuss MEND, representing over 20,000 families who have benefitted from the healthy lifestyle club.

Thomas attended the free 10-week, after-school, exercise and nutrition club at the Lifestyle Centre, County Ground, Swindon, with mum Amanda, in January 2008 and as a result he lost weight, became fitter and grew in self-confidence.   

Thomas said: “I really enjoyed visiting the House of Commons.  My favourite part was talking to my MP, Justin Tomlinson, and telling him about MEND and how the programme helped me get fit and healthy.  MEND was fun and I learned loads about healthy eating. I don’t eat as many chocolate bars and fatty foods, instead I eat more vegetables. My favourite is swede.”

Justin Tomlinson MP, said:  “Meeting Thomas and his family and hearing their inspiring story highlights the positive impact MEND’s healthy lifestyle programmes can have on a family’s life. 

“Providing the right support and information so that families can make healthy choices is vital if we are to curb the rising tide of childhood obesity.  I’m looking forward to attending my local MEND Programme and meeting more families who are making such positive changes to their lives.”

Thomas’s mum, Amanda, said: “We’re delighted to be invited to such a prestigious event. Thomas really enjoyed MEND, especially all the games and he’s become much more active as a result. He now goes swimming, plays football, badminton and does Scouts. It’s wonderful to see the changes in Thomas since attending MEND.”

If you think your child is above a healthy weight and would like to join MEND’s healthy lifestyle club in Wellingborough in January 2011, call 0800 023 1263 or visit

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