MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Tomlinson MP Joins The All Party Parliamentary Beer Group


Justin Tomlinson MP has joined the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group, in addition to being a member of the 'Save The Pub' All-Party Parliamentary Group.

The Group's objectives are to promote the wholesomeness and enjoyment of beer and the unique role of the pub in United Kingdom society, to increase understanding of the social, cultural and historic role of brewing and pubs in the United Kingdom and their value to tourism, to broaden recognition of the contribution of brewing and pubs to employment and to the economy, to promote understanding of the social responsibility excercised by the brewing and pub industries, to support the United Kingdom's brewing industry world-wide and to promote a positive future for beer and the pub.

Justin Tomlinson MP, "Here in Swindon we are both home to the wonderful Arkells Brewery and a huge variety of much loved, local community pubs.  In Parliament, and back in Swindon I am playing an active role in championing best practice to help secure a viable and long-term future for the local pub, which are often the focul point of our local communities."

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