MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Tadpole Farm, Developers Meeting



With Crest Nicholson working on proposals to build 1700 houses on Tadpole Farm, north of Tadpole Lane, in the Northern Sector, Justin Tomlinson MP organised a meeting to discuss fellow local residents concerns.

Ward Councillors, Redhouse Residents Association, Oakhurst Residents Association and Roger Ogle, Editor of Swindon Link were invited to meet with Crest Nicholson.

Crest Nicholson set out their draft proposals, and details for the forthcoming consultation meetings, where local residents can engage directly with the developers.  Further information on the draft proposals and consultation meetings can be seen on:


Issues discussed were:

  • Provision of accessible open space / lower density levels

Any additional development should have a greater provision of accessible open space, than currently provided in the Northern Sector.  This should be accessible to all local residents, avoiding a concrete jungle expansion.  Low density development will allow a higher quality of life for new residents.

  • Provision of additional school places

Any additional houses should be matched by an increased provision of school places, including a new Primary School and additional land to allow the currently land-locked Isambard Secondary School to expand.  This is essential as it is predicted Isambard Secondary School will shortly need space to provide an extra 9 forms of entry to meet demand from local parents.

  • Provision of local infrastructure, ie shops

It is important any development has adequate provision of local infrastructure, which takes into account potential (and long overdue) future completition of Redhouse Village Centre. 

  • Traffic issues / concerns

The potential impact on existing residential roads must be taken into account.  The Northern Sector road infrastructure was designed to handle 10,000 homes, so this proposed development, and that of other potential developments in West Swindon must be taken into account.  Pressure should rightly be placed to provide alternative routes to minimise the impact.  This is understandably the area of greatest concern and failure to address this issue would make it an unsustainable development which should be opposed.

  • Consultation dates

Every effort should be made to engage with local residents, using their experience of the local area to help shape any potential development and flag up areas of concern.


Justin Tomlinson MP, "I have very real concerns and issues with this potential development, which is why I am working with local residents and I have raised them directly with the developers.  I would urge local residents to engage in the consultation process, to explore the issues I have raised, and ones that from their own local knowledge need to be addressed." 

"We as local residents are not against all development, infact we all live in either new, or relatively new houses, but if the developer wishes to submit a formal planning application we will not roll over and accept inappropriate or poor quality development." 

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