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Justin Tomlinson MP Lends Support To Save Kidderminster Harriers Campaign


Kidderminster Harriers FC faced financial meltdown this week, with £155,000 needed to be raised immediately to pay overdue tax bills.  With debts looking set to overwhelm the football club, there was a very real prospect that Kidderminster Harriers would follow in the steps of all too many football clubs in recent years and have no choice but to fold.

Supporters of the football club, lead by the excellent 'Kidderminster Harriers Independent Supporters Trust' launched a 'Save our Club' scheme, raising a staggering £15,000 within the first 24 hours of the appeal.  In addition moves by the club to secure additional funding, combined with a big push to fill the Aggborough Stadium today has helped raise further money to stave off immediate danger.

MP's connected to Kidderminster were invited to lend their support at today's game, which included local MP Mark Garnier, Justin Tomlinson MP and Brian Binley MP (pictured above).  Following huge local and national publicity, today's gate was over double that of the last match, again helping raise crucial extra money.

Justin Tomlinson MP, "I was delighted to offer my support to Kidderminster Harriers today.  Having grown up in Kidderminster, I have seen hundreds of Kidderminster Harriers games, and whilst these days I watch my local clubs Swindon Town and Swindon Supermarine, I still keep an eye out for their results.  It is fantastic that the fans have been so quick to rallly around the club and raising much needed money to keep the club alive.  Kidderminster Harriers is a smashing non-league club, with excellent facitilies and I am sure with the support of the town, will continue to push forwards."

Further information on the campaign can be seen on:


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