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Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Tomlinson MP Elected As Chair Of 'Global Education For All' APPG


Justin Tomlinson with Claudia Winkleman at the launch of the 'Send my Sister to School' campaign

Justin Tomlinson MP has been elected as the Co-Chair of the 'Global Education For All' All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG).

The APPG was set up to support efforts to achieve universal education.  In 2000 world leaders came together to pledge that every child would receive a full basic education by 2015.  We've made huge progress since then, but 67 million children are still out of school.

The APPG is active having already held events on: girls education; community involvement in education in Nigeria; and the Education for All Fast Track initiative, which is the leading the multilateral funding organisation for education.

The APPG has also set up campaigns within MP's local consituencies, including the 'Send my Sister to School'.  Swindon Academy, Ruskin Junior School, Crowdys Hill and Isambard Community Schools have all signed up.

Justin Tomlinson MP, "I am delighted to have been elected as the Chair for the 'Global Education For All' APPG.  Working with fellow MPs it is vital we continue to support efforts to make sure every child receives a full basic education by 2015.  I am thrilled that four of my local schools have signed up for the 'Send my Sister to School' campaign, which schoolchildren learn about the stories of girls around the world who are missing out on education due to poverty and discrimination."

Justin Tomlinson MP & Robert Buckland MP with Gary & Danielle Lineker at the launch of the APPG

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