MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Asks Fellow Local Residents To Lend Him Their Support For Re-Election On 8th June


Dear fellow resident,

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced a General Election and I wanted to write to ask you to re-elect me as your local MP for North Swindon on Thursday 8th June.

Locally, I have been working hard for Swindon since 2010 and I have been a: 

  • Highly visible and approachable fellow local resident
  • Representative who always puts residents first – voted the 3rd most helpful MP
  • Hardworking with one of the highest voting and speaking records in Parliament
  • Supporter of local charities & organisations – helping to raise over £125,000
  • Champion of Swindon – securing investment and new jobs
  • Strong voice, proudly supported by residents of all political persuasions

In Swindon, the Conservative government is building a stronger future. Since 2010, 91,136 people in Swindon have received an income tax cut. We have seen strong business growth and £169 million of government investment locally. This has contributed to a staggering fall in unemployment of 57% with 10,600 more people in work.

With my friend and colleague Robert Buckland MP, I have campaigned for extra funding for Swindon’s schools which has seen an average increase of £257 per pupil and a further £4.3 million through the fairer funding formula. Over the last year we have also seen an extra £8.8 million spent in local schools through the Pupil Premium and have secured four brand new schools for Swindon, delivering vital new school places.

We have worked to secure additional investment for NHS, resulting in a 50% increase in funding for Swindon to £127 million over five years, as well as lobbied to ensure that Swindon will receive a new dedicated Radiotherapy Unit at the GWH.

It has been an honour to represent my home town for the last seven years. I have shown I have the energy, enthusiasm and determination to make a difference. Please give me a chance to carry on the hard work.

Kind Regards, Justin

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