MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Local MP Hosts Jambo Youth Group At His Orbital Community Office


Everything from President Donald Trump & tuition fees, to the impact of social media & Love Island were up for discussion this week as North Swindon MP, Justin Tomlinson met and hosted local youth group Jambo at his community office at the Orbital Shopping Park.

The Jambo Youth Group was set up by young adult volunteers in North Swindon and the surrounding area who felt motivated to engage young people between ages 11 & 15. While at Justin’s office, the group took part in training exercises, including activities in music and the arts, focusing on the issues which affect young people such as the influence of social media and mental health.

The training programme has been developed by C Change, which delivers bespoke training aimed at improving social environments and maximising inclusion. The group's coordinator, Fidelma Meehan, has been working in youth empowerment since 2001.

The Jambo Youth Group is among organisations launched across six Swindon localities since 2012. Working alongside the Localities Team at Swindon Borough Council, the aim is to create a complete network of organisations for young people, championed by young people.

Justin sat down with the group for over an hour on their first day in the office, during which many topical issues were discussed, including Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK and tuition fees at university. The group however were keen to get Justin’s views on social media, and the modern celebrity culture at play in programmes like Love Island. Particularly as it related to the interests of young people, Justin was very happy to help them in answering all their questions for him.

Justin Tomlinson MP said: “Having the Jambo group in the office this week has been a real breath of fresh air. I’m very excited to see a group run by young people, for young people. We had a great conversation about what will inspire more young people to get involved in helping the community, as well as their thoughts on the pressures young people can face. This group should really be proud of their tremendous work and I look forward to seeing their work continue.”

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