MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Local MP Helps Red Oaks Primary School Pass Their Own Parliamentary Bill


Parliament came to Red Oaks Primary School as North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson visited to give a special assembly.

The visit complimented the work the school has been doing on ‘British values’ – including democracy and ensuring people’s voices are heard.

As part of the assembly Justin split the children into the House of Commons and the House of Lords to demonstrate how a bill passes through Parliament. Having decided upon a bill to increase school sport, Justin selected a clerk to courier the bill between the two houses, and a Queen to give royal assent.

After going between the houses and amendments having been made, the bill passed through the school’s Parliament comfortably.

Justin Tomlinson MP said: “The assembly was great fun, and I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and knowledge displayed by the children. I think it is so important the children understand that democracy and having your voice heard is important – and hopefully the assembly might inspire some of them to learn more about Parliament.”
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