For North Swindon
Please note that Justin Tomlinson is not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election

Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Visits Haydon Wick Primary School For A Special Assembly

Pupils at Haydon Wick Primary School got a politics lesson after North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson paid the school a visit.
Justin gave pupils an interactive lesson in how a Bill passes through Parliament to help them understand how parliamentary democracy works in the UK.
After selecting a Queen and a Clerk of the House, the pupils were split into members of the House of Lords and members of the House of Commons. Having selected a Bill to increase the amount of sport in school, the children then went about debating it and sending it between the two houses. Once the children agreed on the details, the Bill was presented to the Queen for Royal Assent – which she duly gave.
Justin said: “I always enjoy doing these assemblies, and it’s great to see the Children so engaged and excited to learn about how politics works in Britain. I hope that their enthusiasm will continue, and they will continue to have an interest in politics.”
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