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Swindon Advertiser Column - Let's Back The Deal So We Can Start Focusing On The Other Priorities For Our Country

This week has seen the Prime Minister doing what many initially said was impossible – he has negotiated a new deal which can get Brexit done by the 31st October deadline.
Where we are currently bound by EU rules, this deal will ensure that we regain control over a large number of areas, such as product standards, fishing rules and farming subsidies. Brussels will also no longer determine our VAT rules and other tax laws, and our courts will be the highest authority in the land, ending the European Court’s supremacy.
In Northern Ireland, the goal has always been to protect the peace process and avoid issues at the border. This deal will ensure that Northern Ireland will not have a hard border with the Republic or with Great Britain and will remain part of the UK customs territory. Moreover, Northern Ireland will have access to the Single Market, but will also be part of the UK’s global trade deals. Importantly, should the Northern Ireland Assembly wish to leave this special arrangement, they will have a democratic vote to do so.
The above has all been achieved by Boris in just over 80 days of being Prime Minister – with many saying that it would be impossible. What’s more, this has been done whilst the Prime Minister had one hand tied behind his back due to the Benn Act - the law brought about by Remainers to further frustrate Brexit.
We now have to see how Parliament will respond to the deal. I of course have voted for Brexit at every opportunity. Sadly, we have seen a number of MPs who stood for re-election on pledges to respect the referendum yet have done everything in their power to prevent our exit.
It’s time Parliament respected the result of the referendum so that we can start focusing on the various other priorities for our country. 
On a more local note, last week I visited The Entertainer toy store in town to learn more about the work it is doing to support people with autism as they shop.
People with autism can often find crowds and loud noises very distressing, making a shopping trip to the town centre very challenging. To address this issue The Entertainer stores across the country hold an autism hour. The store turns off its music and dims the lights to create a calmer atmosphere, improving the shopping experience for people with autism.
By making small changes like this businesses can make such a difference in improving the day-to-day lives of people with hidden disabilities, such as autism.
Finally, I am writing this ahead of the Speedway Play-Off final on Thursday, so like everyone else I will have my fingers crossed the Swindon Robins can win the SGB Premiership again, especially after such a good performance in the first leg.  The Swindon Robins are inspiration to all our sporting teams across Swindon and it is a real credit to the energy and enthusiasm of Rosco, Terry Russell, Lee Kilby and Steve Park that the Swindon Robins continue at the very top.  As ever, I am continuing to do all I can to help them navigate the final planning hurdles, so the long overdue new stadium is delivered, it is the very least the fans deserve.
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