MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Meets With Crest For An Update On Tadpole Garden Village


North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson and Conservative Councillor Rahul Tarar met with a representative from Crest, to discuss issues relating to Tadpole Garden Village.

The meeting aimed to address a number of issues at Tadpole Garden Village highlighted on social media - including resurfacing of roads, street-lights, sports pitches, pub, medical centre & shops update.

During the meeting, the following was discussed:

1. Street Lights:
i) Green Street: Crest have identified 21 non-functional street-lights at Green Street.
Out of these - 17 are expected to be fixed by early this week and 4 by end of this week or early next week.
ii) Rest of TGV: An audit has been planned for rest of the TGV areas involving other respective developers and Crest will chase up action.

2. Resurfacing of roads:
i) Green Street: This is expected to be completed during Feb half-term break. If not, then during Easter term break. (As this needs to be done during school holidays.)
ii) TGV Phase 1 (very first phase - Crest ) : This expected to be completed by end of May 2020.
iii) TGV Phase 2 (DWH) : an update is expected shortly.

3. Pub and Medical-Centre:
Arkells and Westrop Medical Practice have been working with Justin to chase Crest to transfer the land so that these facilities can be built. Crest are currently in negotiations with Swindon Borough Council to complete the legal works – hopefully this should be resolved shortly.

4. Shops:
Sainsburys is expected to open by end of April. There will be further updates regarding the remaining shops as agreements have been reached with most of the potential units which will follow Sainsburys.

5.Sports Pitches:
The scaled back plans have been extensively worked on, with an emphasis on local provision. These revised plans will then need to go through a planning application – then works on the pitches and facilities can commence. Justin has been supportive of the Swindon Cricket club’s involvement, which will sit alongside the local sports use.

6.Play Area Repair Works:
This is about the play area across Tadpole Lane opposite to Uplands School. There is a meeting scheduled this week and an update is expected shortly.

Moving forward, Crest will liaise with other developers at TGV, and will action most of the items raised with them. Chris Tanner is also actively liaising with Crest to update them about any issues raised directly or picked-up from social media.

Justin Tomlinson said: “This was a very productive meeting and Councillor Tarar and I are grateful for Crest for making time to discuss these issues – we will continue to monitor progress.”

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