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North Swindon MP Welcomes New Long Term NHS Plans To Build On Record Funding

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has welcomed the announcement of a Long Term Plan for the NHS which builds on record levels of funding.The aim of the plan is to improve quality of patient care and health outcomes, as well as set out how the extra £20.5 billion a year budget settlement for the NHS will be spent. The plan will ensure that the NHS is always there for families, from continuing to improve maternity safety to increasing health and social care integration to support older people.Dev...

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Swindon MPs Help Secure Final Funding For New Radiotherapy Unit At The Great Western Hospital

Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson & Robert Buckland have helped to secure the the final £13 million of funding required to the deliver a Radiotherapy Unit at the Great Western Hospital.The news comes after the MPs lobbied Ministers to provide the final funding required to deliver much-needed lifesaving cancer treatment in Swindon; ending the need for patients to travel to Oxford & Bristol for treatment.Robert and Justin wrote to the Health Secretary and Chief Executive of NHS England asking ...

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Local MP Uses Ministerial Role To Launch New Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund

North Swindon MP and Minister for Family Support, Housing and Child Maintenance, Justin Tomlinson has announced a £2.7 million fund to increase support for disadvantaged families at risk of parental conflict.Children who are exposed to parental conflict for a significant length of time can find their own emotional and social development affected – which can lead to issues at school and impact on their future career chances.The Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund, which is part of the Go...

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Swindon Advertiser Column: This Is A Huge Change That Will Save Lives

Scrolling through Twitter on New Year’s Day, I came across a series of tweets from Wiltshire Police’s Chief Constable Kier Pritchard, who had been on patrol in Swindon the previous evening.In them he set out some of the challenges local officers had faced, from dealing with anti-social behaviour to making a series of arrests for violent offences.Most concerning of all, he explained that on New Year’s Eve four of his officers had been assaulted – the most serious incident saw an officer k...

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North Swindon MP’s Personal Campaign Secures Addition Of Emergency Lifesaving Skills To Curriculum After Years Of Hard Work

A long-fought and deeply personal campaign by North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson to add the teaching of emergency lifesaving skills & first aid to the school curriculum has been successful, Education Secretary Damian Hinds has announced.The announcement means that as soon as a child starts primary school they will be taught how to call 999 and deal with common injuries, including head injuries, while in secondary school they will learn how to administer CPR and use a defibrillator.Securing th...

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Swindon Advertiser Column: This Has Been An Incredibly Busy & Important Year For Our Town

It might seem like 2018 has of been dominated by Brexit, but away from that hugely important issue I’ve been incredibly busy both locally and in Parliament. Sharing the ideas of fellow local residents with Ministers; lobbying for new funding for local services; and supporting dozens of charities & community groups from across Swindon.  In Parliament, I was hugely honoured when the Prime Minister asked me to rejoin the Government as Minister at the Department for Work & Pensions.  T...

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Local MPs Welcome £350 Million Additional Investment In Support For Young People With Special Educational Needs

Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland have welcomed the Government’s announcement that young people in the town are to benefit from a share of £350 million in additional support for children with Special Education Needs & Disabilities.The Education Secretary announced this week that £250 million will be given to local councils over the next two years to provide specialist support and facilities for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).In addition to ...

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Justin Welcomes New Funding To Improve Mental Health Support In Schools

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has welcomed a £2.3 million investment from the Government to improve mental health support in schools.Swindon has been chosen as one of seven ‘trailblazer’ regions to implement its proposals set out in the Department of Health and Social Care's 'Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health' green paper.These proposals will see Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group create new mental health support teams to work with children and young people in a...

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