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Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Tomlinson MP Welcomes Government Support For Daylight Saving Bill

Justin Tomlinson backing the Lighter Later campaignToday the Government announced support for the Daylight Saving Bill – calling for a change to the way we set our clocks. As a long-time supporter of the bill, and the Lighter Later campaign behind it, Justin Tomlinson MP welcomed the move having spoken in favour of the Private Members Bill last year.Justin Tomlinson MP said “This announcement will be warmly welcomed by the road safety organisations, sporting bodies, tourism industrie...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Joins All Party Parliamentary Literacy Group

Justin Tomlinson MP visits the North Swindon LibraryJustin Tomlinson MP today joined MPs from all parties at the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Literacy Group.It is a simple fact that literacy transforms lives – with better literacy, everyone can succeed in life, yet one in six people in the UK struggle to read and write. This means that they live without the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills they need to fulfil their potential. A society that struggles with literacy s...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Signs Meningitis Trust Petition To Help Meningitis Survivors

Justin Tomlinson MP signs the petition to provide child survivors of meningitis with assessmentsthroughout their educationJustin Tomlinson MP this week attended an event organised by the Meningitis Trust to mark the launch of their ‘Meningitis Changes Futures’ campaign.The campaign was launched following the release of new research that has revealed that children who survive meningitis are five times more likely to have speech and hearing problems, four times more likely to have ment...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Hosts Office Charity Breakfast For DEBRA

Justin Tomlinson MP and Robert Buckland MP with the Swindon teamJustin Tomlinson MP joined Robert Buckland MP, his South Swindon colleague, to host a charity 'Big Breakfast' in their Westminster office aid of DEBRA.  Everyone in the office brought in a part of the breakfast, with juice, pastries, bacon sandwiches, home made brioche and fruit.  The 'Big Breakfast' is an annual event organised by the charity to raise money for DEBRA's work to help children affected by...

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Swindon Advertiser Weekly Article

On Monday I rebelled against the government and voted for a referendum on our involvement in the European Union.  This high-profile debate was called after it secured over 100,000 supporters on an e-petition.  I’m a big fan of this system as it allows the public to choose topical issues for Parliament to discuss.  The referendum debate was the second selected through this route, following the recent much-needed debate on the Hillsborough tragedy. The Conservative govern...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Joins Mary Portas At Town Centre Meeting

Justin Tomlinson MP with the 'Queen of Shops' Mary PortasJustin Tomlinson MP today joined retail guru Mary Portas at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Town Centre.  The meeting was an opportunity for MPs to feed ideas and experiences from their own constituency town centres to Mary Portas for inclusion in her review on the future of our high streets.Commissioned by David Cameron and the Deputy Prime Minister, the independent  review aims to feed into t...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Chairs Meeting Of All Party Parliamentary Group For Leisure

Justin Tomlinson MP at last year's opening of the new Harvester resturaunt in North SwindonJustin Tomlinson MP today hosted a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Leisure. The meeting focused on music and entertainment and was an opportunity to bring Group members around a table with legal experts and industry representatives to discuss issues surrounding music and entertainment events.Discussion focused on licensing laws and the proposed changes contained in Lord Clement-Jones&r...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Hosts Global Education Breakfast

Justin Tomlinson MP and Claudia Winkleman at an Education for Girls event held earlier this yearJustin Tomlinson MP, Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global Education for All, this week hosted a breakfast event in Parliament with the Global Partnership for Education.The event was an opportunity for the Global Partnership for Education to share their report ‘The Case For Investment 2011-14’ with MPs and Peers and for the APPG to promote its encourage MPs and Pee...

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