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Justin Tomlinson MP Praises Parish Council For Installing New Outdoor Gym Equipment In South Marston

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has joined Stratton Councillors and South Marston Parish Council to see new the outdoor gym equipment which has been installed.The equipment, which is located on the recreation ground, was installed thanks to the Parish Council securing funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.The gym will be available for all residents and provides a fun way to keep fit.Justin Tomlinson MP said: “I am very pleased that South Marston Parish Council were successful in s...

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Justin & Local Councillors Meet BT To Discuss Roll Out Of Superfast Broadband

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has pushed BT to continue the roll out of superfast broadband across Swindon.Justin, along with councillors from Stratton and local parish councillors Vinay Manro and Steve Heyes, recently met with BT Openreach to highlight the areas in Swindon which are unable to access superfast broadband.Thanks to the efforts of Justin, local councillors and groups such as Better Broadband for North Swindon, 97% of North Swindon now has access to superfast broadband – with ...

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North Swindon MP Unveils New Defibrillator In St. Andrews

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has joined St Andrews’ residents to unveil a new defibrillator.Located at The Jovial Monk, the new defibrillator had been secured thanks to the fantastic fundraising efforts of The Ridge Coffee Club. To raise the money the group held pub quizzes, table top sales, a Christmas Fair and cake stall, generating an impressive £2500.With a nursery school across the road, the group decided to raise a little extra in order to purchase a defibrillator with a paediatric...

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Swindon Advertiser Column: We Are At A Crucial Time In Our Nation's History

The majority of local residents who I speak to are well & truly fed-up of the ongoing debates on Brexit. They acknowledge it needs to be delivered; want it done so in an orderly & seamless way; and crucially, wish both sides of the debate would be willing to meet each other in the middle.Unfortunately, there are some (MPs included) who believe that Brexit should not happen and are willing to do everything possible to frustrate, delay & block the entire process. They won’t be happy ...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Shows His Support For World Book Day

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson is supporting World Book Day’s national ‘Share a Story’ campaign, encouraging parents and carers to read with their children for ten minutes a day.World Book Day reaches 15 million children and young people with £1 book tokens distributed to over 45,000 educational establishments in the UK and Ireland. One in four children (one in three for those on free school meals) said the book they bought with their 2016 £1 World Book Day book token was the first bo...

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Justin Celebrates Success Of Rehabilitation Charity During Ministerial Visit Ahead Of International Women's Day

A charity which helps women just out of prison to get their life back on track has been visited by Government Minister Justin Tomlinson ahead of International Women’s Day.The North Swindon MP & Minister for Family Support, Housing and Child Maintenance praised the Dawn Project for its record of helping women coming out of the criminal justice system to overcome barriers to employment and get into work.Set up in Peterborough 2009, the Dawn Project is a one-stop service for women who are in...

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North Swindon MP Welcomes Latest Increase In Number Of Young People In Education, Employment & Training

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has welcomed news that the number of young people not in education, employment or training has continued to fall.New figures released this week show that in October to December 2018, there were nearly 4,800 fewer 16-24 year olds were not in education, employment or training relative to the previous year. Since 2010, the number not in education, employment or training has fallen by 285,000, thanks to the Government’s balanced approach to the economy – in con...

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Swindon Advertiser Column: We Only Get One Planet & Every Single One Of Us Has To Act On Climate Change

Whilst it might seem that Brexit is dominating Parliamentary business, this week the House of Commons debated another crucial issue – the urgent need to tackle climate change & reduce carbon emissions.Climate change poses the biggest threat to the future of our planet. Rising temperatures, melting polar ice caps, and extreme weather events all point to the need to take urgent action. Just this week we have seen temperatures reach 20 degrees, something which is unheard of in February; whils...

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