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Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Tomlinson MP Drops The Puck To Start Charity Sledge Hockey Match

Justin Tomlinson MP attended the launch of the Swindon Wildcats’ Sledge Hockey initiative and ‘dropped the puck’ to start a Charity Sledge Hockey Game to raise money for the Undentable Trust.The Undentable Trust is a charity set up to aid servicemen and their families who have received injuries or misfortunate whilst in service. Sledge Hockey gives the opportunity for people of all abilities to take part in a fun sport on the ice, making it a perfect opportunity for injured ser...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Speaks On Role Of Sport In Tackling Youth Crime

Justin Tomlinson MP today spoke on the subject of the role sport can play in tackling youth crime in a Parliamentary debate on the subject.Speaking in the debate, Justin said "I am passionate about the positive role that sport can play in our local communities. I support that positive role through encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle that improves behaviour, teamwork and enjoyment. Sport can channel young people’s energy and boost self-esteem. Sport can be a forum for enjoyment,...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Welcomes Online Support For Start-Up Businesses

Justin Tomlinson MP on a recent visit to Swindon College to meet financeand accounting studentsJustin Tomlinson MP today welcomed the announcement that a new Business Link service is now live with over 200 online learning resources to support entrepreneurialism and business growth in the UK.  In keeping with the spirit of championing UK business and talent, the Government worked with Brighton-based company Epic to produce the online resources.  According to a recent surv...

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Swindon Advertiser Weekly Article

This week the Chancellor set out his Autumn Statement, the annual ‘mini budget’. Our priority in these challenging times is to protect Britain from the debt storm engulfing the rest of Europe. We inherited the highest deficit in the UK’s history from Labour, bringing us to the brink of ruin. Our commitment to tackling this debt means Britain remains a safe haven. We will stick to our plan and show that we can live within our means to protect confidence in our economy and keep i...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Speaks In Debate On Debt Advice And Management

Justin Tomlinson MP today spoke in a Parliamentary debate on Debt Advice and Debt Management.Speaking in the Commons, Justin commented upon the importance of the issue.  "91%of people in financial difficulty feel that with better information and advice they would have made different decisions.  Members of Parliament know through their casework of the distress in which individuals find themselves, and in times of financial difficulties their needs are even more urgent.  These ...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Welcomes Expansion Of Apprenticeship Schemes

Justin Tomlinson MP welcomed the expansion of apprenticeship schemes in a Parliamentary debate on living standards.Speaking in the Chamber, Justin said “The welcome expansion of apprenticeship schemes is giving young people the opportunity not only to take that first step, but to learn applied, real-life skills that businesses in constituencies across the country are crying out for.”Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced the expansion in his Autumn Statement on Tuesda...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Speaks On The Importance Of Mental Arithmetic

Justin Tomlinson MP spoke in Parliament on the importance of ensuring that children leave school with good mental arithmetic.The Westminster Hall debate, led by Elizabeth Truss MP, on the use of calculators in schools put the case that the use of calculators too early is meaning that British students are not becoming fluent in basic mathematics. This is causing problems for maths capabilities at high school and in later life. In the debate, Justin Tomlinson MP said "Mathematical a...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Welcomes Swindon Investment

Justin Tomlinson MP meets regularly with local business forums to discuss growth and regenerationfor SwindonJustin Tomlinson MP today asked Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, how the Government is helping support regeneration in Swindon.The Government is taking a new approach to regeneration. Through schemes and pilots that see greater investment and the devolution of power to local authorities, the Government is working to give communities and local partners ...

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