Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Tomlinson MP

MP For North Swindon

Justin Celebrates More Community Champions

Justin has celebrated the contribution of more Community Champions to recognise their work to support their communities throughout the pandemic.

The latest group of award recipients were nomination by Cllr Rahul Tarar for the work they have done to support people in Tadpole Garden Village.


Coral van der Kamp

Coral is a community champion here at Tadpole Garden Village (TGV), fundraising and organising TGV In Bloom's Open Plot Events. The money raised for TGV is used for flowers and bulbs for the village planters and the village memorial. Coral also organised a poppy display and live stream of TGV Remembrance Service, made a Merry Christmas snowman hanging display in the central village for Christmas 2020, as well as a lot of other similar acts of community support.


Kyrie Davis

For the last 10 years Kiz (Kyrie) and friend Karen Thornley have been organising Christmas hampers for less privileged children in Swindon. In addition to this they have raised over £3000.00 for the NHS, and a fundraiser for a young girl who has brain cancer also raised £800.00.

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Shohini Dutta Kanungo

Shohini has been instrumental in sharing some lovely pictures of TGV outdoors and nature. For many people shielding at home and unable to leave their homes, these pictures have provided an important link to the outside world.


Rimpi Sharma

Rimpy has also been an enthusiastic photographer sharing the beauty of the village and surroundings to people unable to see it for themselves during lockdown.


Chris Tanner

Chris has been an energetic and committed community mobiliser in TGV, often going above and beyond to help and support people in TGV throughout the pandemic.


Holly Peters

Holly is our popular Sainsbury's manager who has been enthusiastically supporting the community throughout the pandemic.

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