Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Tomlinson MP

MP For North Swindon

Justin Meets With Police To Discuss Anti-Social Behaviour In Moredon And Rodbourne Cheney

Recently, I have been supporting a number of local residents in the Rodbourne Cheney and Moredon area dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour issues. People should be able to feel safe and comfortable in their home and community and it is unacceptable that they should be prevented from doing so by bullies and criminals.

To help tackle the issue, I have been working closely with the Borough Council and local policing team to highlight the concerns raised and ensure they are addressed.

As part of this work, I was very grateful to join Cllrs Sudha Sri, Constable Thomas Scourfield and PCSO Michael Ignao for a walk through the area to see first-hand the work being done to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

I was reassured to see how pro-active the local police officers and PCSOs have been in their work to support the local community and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

In addition to their regular and visible patrols it was helpful to get an insight into the intelligence gathering and multi-agency approach required to stamp out these issues. The police need to build a detailed picture of the crime and anti-social behaviour residents are experiencing, so it is vital any incidents are reported to the police. This can be done anonymously via crimestoppers-uk.org or calling 0800 555 111.

The meeting was also an opportunity to listen to officers and understand what I can do to support them and their work. I was keen to share the feedback from officers regarding operational challenges, such as the weight and design of the Police kit and the limitations on what equipment PCSO's can use.

By working together constructively we will reduce anti-social behaviour and make our community an even better place to live.

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