Justin Tomlinson

Justin Tomlinson

North Swindon

VIDEO: Justin Speaks During Minister's Work Capability Assessment Statement

North Swindon MP and former Disabilities Minister, Justin Tomlinson made a contribution during the Department for Work and Pension Secretary's statement regarding changes to Work Capability Assessments.

The Work and Pensions Secretary was updating the House regarding proposed changes to the work capability assessment process. The changed aim to ensure that Disabled people assessed as having a limited capability for work are not held back from the opportunity to work.

With the majority of long-term health conditions and disabilities developing during working age, Justin asked the Secretary to ensure the Government worked with employers to see what more support and advice they need to make sure that people do not ever have to even enter the WCA system.

The Secretary recognised the importance supporting people with health issues at an early stage, and confirmed the Government was already consulting on occupational health to help small and medium-sized businesses to support employees with health conditions as early as possible.

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