MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

Justin Visits Rodbourne Cheney Primary School As Part Of Careers Week


Justin Tomlinson MP has joined pupils at Rodbourne Cheney Primary School as part of their Careers Week to discuss his role as a Member of Parliament and to give students the chance to pass their own law.

As part of his talk for Careers Week, Justin set out how he became involved in politics and explained that he did not follow a traditional root into Parliament. He explained to the students how he had once taken part in a school election, much like the students from Rodbourne Cheney Primary School who met with Justin in Parliament.

Alongside talking to students about his role as the local MP, Justin gave pupils the chance to pass a special Parliamentary Bill. The children each took on a role; be it as an MP or a Lord (with two students taking on the important roles of a Clerk and The Queen). 

Justin Tomlinson MP said: "It is always a pleasure to visit Rodbourne Cheney Primary School to talk to students about my role as their MP and how they can ensure their voice is heard. Having met with some of the students previously, I know how interested they are in how Parliament works and it was wonderful to help them debate & pass their own law."

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