MP for North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson MP

North Swindon MP Encourages Local Community Groups To Bid For Funding


North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has encouraged local community groups to take advantage of four funding opportunities headed by the People's Postcode Lottery.

The Postcode Trusts, funded by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, offer between £500-£20,000 to local charities and community groups. Applications to the Trusts need to be made before the deadline on 15th August. 

Since 2009, People’s Postcode Trust has awarded more than £14 million to over 1800 projects across the country. In 2017 People’s Postcode Trust awarded just over £3.2 million to over 230 organisations working to make a difference for people across the country. The Trust has a primary focus on the prevention of poverty and the promotion of equal rights.

Alongside this the Postcode Community Trust, created in 2014, focuses on initiatives that benefit communities. This can include initiatives such as grassroots sports, arts, recreation and wellbeing programmes which improve a community’s physical and mental health.

The third option, the Postcode Local Trust, was established in 2015 and funds projects which are beneficial to local areas. These include outdoor projects related to play areas, green spaces, sustainable energy and conservation. Any charities looking to work on projects like this should apply to the Local trust.

The Postcode Dream Trust is for larger projects with an emphasis on innovation and collaboration. This can meet any of the five funding priorities:

  • Changing lives through early intervention (tackling social problems through a preventative process that stops bigger problems occurring)
  • Ending loneliness and social isolation (any age group, although the elderly are especially vulnerable)
  • Protecting Britain’s biodiversity (conservation projects that seek to restore biodiversity as well as address the problems incurred by its decline)
  • Sustainable consumption (shifting the way people live, work and connect with others in order to make it more sustainable)
  • Transforming society through sport (using the power of sport to deliver innovative and impactful projects that use the power of sport to address challenging social issues)

Justin Tomlinson MP said: "We are very lucky to have a number of fantastic local community groups who help change lives. If your charity is interested in any of the above funding grants available please do not hesitate in applying for them online. The deadline is 15th August".

More information on making a bid can be found via:

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