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Justin Tomlinson MP

North Swindon MP Talks Global Trade With Honda

Justin Tomlinson MP has visited Honda alongside South Swindon MP Robert Buckland and MEP Ashley Fox to discuss Brexit and the UK’s global trade ambitions.Honda is a major employer for the town and maintains a close working relationship with both MPs. The Swindon site has been chosen yet again as a global production hub for the 10th generation Honda Civic which began production in January.Justin Tomlinson MP said: “Whilst it is crucial that we make the best of Brexit and ensure the interests...

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Justin Tomlinson MP Praises Npower’s ‘Health Through Warmth’ Scheme

North Swindon MP, Justin Tomlinson has highlighted the impact of Npower’s 'Health Through Warmth' scheme.  The scheme is geared toward providing improved heating systems for people with long term illnesses, who are most susceptible to the cold. The scheme addresses the problem that people who live with many long term illnesses have, that in order to keep their homes at a constant temperature, they have higher heating and electricity bills. The Health Through Warmth scheme also provides f...

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Justin Welcomes Local Work Of Independent Age

Local MP Justin Tomlinson has welcomed the important work of Independent Age in supporting constituents across Swindon and beyond. Independent Age are focused on providing support to people as they get older, offering free and impartial advice on issues such as social care, pensions, healthcare. Independent Age’s goal is to help older people live their lives as freely and independently as they can.Justin Tomlinson said: ”I am very supportive of what Independent Age is trying to achieve. H...

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VIDEO: Justin Tomlinson MP Asking About Disability Apprenticeships In DWP Questions

Building on his extensive work to introduce apprenticeships for people with learning disabilities, Justin asked for an update on the progress of these apprenticeships in Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) questions this week.

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North Swindon MP Backs New Measures To Tackle Child Sexual Abuse

This week I was pleased to see the announcement by the Home Secretary of a £40 million package of Government measures to protect children and young people from sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. The measures will also see a crackdown on the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. Whilst these are extremely serious issues, worryingly these crimes are being committed right here in our town as well as in other areas across the country. Since 2010 the Government has done more than any other...

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North Swindon MP Welcomes Data Showing Record Number Of People In Work

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has welcomed the news that employment levels across the United Kingdom are at an all-time record high.New statistics released today confirmed that in January, 31.84 million people across the country were working; a figure which equates almost 75% of the population. At the same time, unemployment has by more than 900,000 since 2010 to a rate of just 4.8%.In Swindon, the number of people of work has fallen consistently and, at just 1.3%, the unemployment rate is s...

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Swindon Advertiser Weekly Article - 10th February

For a lot of people the Job Centre conjures up images of a drab and dull place which doesn’t induce much inspiration. Nothing could be further from reality when it comes to the newly refurbed Swindon Job Centre. People are instantly welcomed by bright walls, sofas, engaging posters and a suite of computers which are free for people to use. As a former Minister in the Department for Work and Pensions, I was really keen to speak with the Job Centre Manager and her team to discuss the ongoing ro...

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North Swindon MP Discusses Positives Of Universal Credit & Refurbished Job Centre

Local MP and former Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson, has visited the newly refurbished Swindon Job Centre to see how the changes are benefiting staff and local residents, as well as to discuss the ongoing rollout of Universal Credit.Swindon residents now visiting the town’s Job Centre are now met with a new, bright and vibrant space, kitted out with new computers free to use and modern approaches to finding the role best suited to applicants. And applicants are now able to acces...

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